Lookee What I Just Got!!!!!

  1. beautiful!! congrats! you got a great deal too!
  2. oh good queenvictoria! that is the one i meant!
  3. Beautiful city at a great price ... congrats and post pics when you get it!
  4. congrats girl...
  5. Thanks!!! SO excited :biggrin:

    Next on the list... White City (going to NYC in the June so maybe then) and HOPEFULLY 04 Rose Twiggy ... or maybe they will come out with something similar soon...
  6. Oh my gosh, just beautiful!!! I am happy for you!:drool:
  7. OMG thats G:huh::huh::huh::huh:rgeos!! :nuts: :yahoo:
    congraaaaats dearest.. plz do share pics when u get her!! :love:
  8. Woo hoo! The power of PF!
  9. Congrats...love the blue.