Lookee what I got!

  1. I was having a little Coach craving so I swung by the Outlet today and picked up the following:

    Ergo Tote in Chocolate for $191.99
    Bleeker Leather Small Flap in Khaki/Wine
    Bleeker Wristlet in Khaki/Wine
    Legacy Stripe Wristlet
    Bleeker Mini Skinny in Wine
    Gallery Patchwork Scarf
    Gallery Patchwork Ponytail Scarf

    I'm not totally sure I'm going to keep everything though. So, if I was to return something, what would you suggest?
    Outlet Buys 1 11 2008.JPG
  2. I don't like the bleecker flaps so I wouldn't have even gotten it, but that's only me, everyone else seems to like them...haha! I love your purchases, though! I have the same scarf :smile: And I love the ergo totes! I want the same size!
  3. Congrats on all of the goodies! I'm not sure what I would return, but I can tell you that I would definitely keep the chocolate ergo tote -- gorgeous!
  4. Wow, awesome haul! I don't know what to return, but I can suggest KEEPING the chocolate ergo tote, that bag is BEAUTIFUL! And what a great price :yahoo:

    Congrats :tup:
  5. Wow!!! Way to go! What a great haul! Congrats
  6. Wow!!
  7. I love the color of the Ergo Tote. I just don't know what all I will put into it. I'm used to carrying very little stuff. Just a wallet, wristlet, cell phone, and keys usually. Hmmmm, maybe this will be my new purse I take to my Son's TKD class. That way I can throw my book or magazine into it.

    Can you tell I'm an extrovert and like to think out loud?
  8. Oooh good haul!!! :tup:

    Did they have any bleecker checkbook wallets? I think I'm gonna head up there tomorrow or Sunday..
  9. I love everything but if I had to pick something to return it would be the bleeker small flap
  10. Second that! :tup:
  11. Oh my ! I would keep the tote and teh legacy stripe wristlet and the mini
  12. I'm so bad about not noticing everything in the store. I'm sorry. I wasn't really looking at the wallets. But I know they have lots of Bleeker stuff, plus the mini skinny. I think they might have had the Bleeker wallets, I just don't remember for sure.
  13. nice goodies!!!
  14. I agree with this exactly.. and add the two scarves. :smile: Those are pretty!
  15. Ooh great purchases! I would have to agree with the majority of comments to return the bleeker flap, if you have to return something. The brown ergo tote is pretty!