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    Can anyone tell me how to get a LookBook. Since I'm seeking to start my collection i would love to have one as a refrence. Should /i purchase on on eBay, or can i get one straight from LV. If anyone has or knows how to get one please let me know. I spoke to the #866 and they told me that theres no such thing and that one goes to each store twice a year. Is that true?
  2. You can't buy a lookbook. It's a book of printed pages with upcoming releases for in-store viewing only. And 866 is correct. One goes to each store about twice a year, one for the spring/summer season and the other for the fall/winter season.
  3. Well you can't actually order a lookbook, those are only for the stores. You can order a catalog though which goes over the current lines (not including the limited ones).
  4. The Look Book and the Le Catalogue are two totally different things. The Look Book is just a book that belongs to the stores, has pics and info on upcoming lines/pieces.

    The Le Catalogue is a catalogue that has the name and pictures of bags/small leather goods from current collections.
  5. Great minds think alike! I really need to improve on the speed of my typing! :p
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  7. So how does one obtain Le Catalogue?
  8. You can try calling 866-VUITTON to see if they have any in stock. The usual charge for shipping is $10 via FedEx.
  9. Yup, just as John said or if you have a nearby store, you can go in and get one for free.
  10. erm, u don't really need a LookBook to start a collection. i think most of us here dont have one (or maybe don;t get them quite often). so i suggest maybe u can check style.com or the official 'Vuitton' website?