Lookalike experts, need your help por favor!

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  1. While I'm saving up for the Muse or unless a family member gives one to me for a pre-baby baby bag gift ;) , I need to see if there are any other bags that look somewhat close to it for the meantime since I need a brown tote, soft leather kind of bag. Make sense? Something like the Muse or Bulga tote would be great but not a lot of rivets/studs that the Bulga has...


    I like dark brown but that Bulga hazel isn't too shabby either. Much apprec!
  2. Have you tried www.colehaan.com or www.furla.com better yet, if you can, visit the stores, they have more selections IN the store. The prices are decent and alot of their bags are big (diaper baggish).
  3. [​IMG]Furla
  4. Is that Jessica Simpson????
  5. Yes...:amuse: . You get 1 point!
  6. Not a bad suggesion..I"ll check it out..what kind of bag is JS wearing????? (probably one that costs $4k!)
  7. bulga makes a satchel in a similar size and shape w/o rivets - check NM.com, i think they carry it.
  8. oh, I think I know which one you're talking about..that one is just a twinge too boring for me. I need a classic shape but that looks like a glorified paper bag IMHO.
  9. I don't think that's it. The strap on the NM web site appears to be shorter than JS's. It looks as though hers is longer than wider and the strap appears longer too.
  10. There is also another one which has a bit more detail but no rivets/studs.

    (pic from pinkmascara.com)

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