1. New stuff on Authentic Louis Vuitton Reseller ~ let-trade.com ~ - they even have a Batignolles Vertical, although it says Horizontal on the website....tons of new stuff!!!

    ..too bad, nothing of true interest for me...I was going to reward myself as my 1,000 post :party: is going to take place in the next couple of posts!!!

  2. I like the framboise koala wallet, its really cute!
  3. I picked up a Speedy 30 this morning that they just put out. Couldn't resist!
  4. Awesome, can I ask what you got it for....I am in the market for a Speedy 30 or Speedy 35? not sure, I know the 25 is too small - I like larger purses for the most part!! Congrats!!
  5. I love the music too !
  6. some cute stuff
  7. The BV isn't in very good shape thou :S