1. DAMN...that is quick!!!
  2. I saw that last night:P Are you:graucho: I would have if the shipping to Aus was not $49.50:cursing:
  3. Isn't this below list? I thought the price was 620?
  4. You are correct! But with shipping you wouldn't really be saving much, if any, money!?! :yes:
  5. I was thinking, why would she sell it below list? Even if she bought it on day 1, it would still be returnable.
  6. I wonder sometimes too! :yes: :yes: LOL-It's like WTF?!?!:wtf:
  7. ^ Me too! I really wonder 'cos it doesn't add up...LVs are "cheaper" in some parts of Europe, yah (conversion rates, VAT..)?
  8. this is why i posted it here..

  9. no! i actually really don't like damier azur.. :s
  10. shes probably profiting $50 to $100
  11. Oooooh.. how gorgeous is it !
  12. it's strange because this seller is always overprice
  13. this is why i am so scared of buying from eBay... =(
    i mean wuts the point if she's not making any money?
    and its not like the azur speedy is hard to come by
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