1. what i won for $100:tup:
  2. Way to go!!!!:tup:
  3. Really? didn't that wallet just come out too? or has it been out for awhile... wow... love that tattersall... GREAT GREAT FIND!! :yes::yahoo:
  4. Wow!!! That is a awesome deal! Congrats!
  5. Its been out a while now
  6. it's very cute i love tattersall!
  7. That is one great deal, nice! :nuts:
  8. That's so cute! congrats!
  9. Nice.. very cute wallet
  10. That is a cute Tattersall wallet!!!!
  11. Too cute!!!
  12. What a great deal - I am soooo jealous! Congrats!
  13. that is a bargain - lovin the tattersall for summer
  14. Very, very nice! Excellent deal, too.
  15. Oooh, so pretty and what a deal!