Look whos here "Reveal"

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  1. Thank you :biggrin:
  2. Thanks.... Of course i'll post pics when I wear it :smile:
  3. Sry they r addictive... Now I want a third one! :biggrin:
  4. Your Vendome is gorgeous! This was supposed to be my 2nd Goyard but I got distracted by the soon-to-be-out Fidji.

    It shall be my 3rd!
  5. Gorgeous!:smile:
  6. ohh wht color would you get?
  7. thank you :biggrin:
  8. Your bag is so very beautiful, congratulations!
  9. I was planning on black but your brown Vendome looks lovely too!

    Yours is a PM right?
  10. mine is black on black!.. ya its PM the GM s too big for a purse!
  11. I think my laptop configuration makes the colour look kind of different

    But tt's just plain gorgeous!! Have you seen the brown on brown before? Wondering if it's going to be lovely too... .am going Paris this Sep so I shall buy a Goyard there! Gee, can't wait!
  12. i saw brown on brwon but leather on canves it looked nice but i prefer the black on black as i dont know how the brown on brown look.. good luck and dont forget to post..
    >> if you go to paris can you check how much is the courisere 30 black on brown with additional strap is? i know its far but thought of asking!
  13. thanks :smile:
  14. Sure, will let you know!
  15. thanks :biggrin:
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