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  1. #1 Jun 28, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2016
    Hi, Im new to TPF and I want to share my Story with you.Today I got my Celine Mini Luggage in drummed leather back from the repair. 6 month after buying it at Celine Dubai, on our vacation,the handle glazing broke/cracks. I was shocked and so dissapointed in the quality of this Bag, my first from Celine. Usually Im an LV Girl, but I want to give other designers a chance and try something new, and I paid alot for it, because I had to pay extra duty, but this Bag was hard to get. And then happend this :sad:. I used it only a few times and be very carefull. I contact my next Celine Boutique,witch is in Berlin at the KADEWE, Im from Germany, and send pictures of the damage. They send it to italy. It tooks 8 Weeks. I think they replace both [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    [​IMG]handles and renew the complete glazing of the bag. But Im still not sure to get another Celine Bag now. Please let me know if you had the same issues.
    Im planning to get a black Balenciaga classic City in RH or the Chanel classic WOC in caviar leather in SH ;) any advices???
  2. I actually had the same problem after less than 3 months of wear. And i was turned off from the bag for a year before i bought a new one. I got the black, and it seems to be ok, it has been nearly every2 months of regular use.
  3. I will attached the pics that has happened to me. [​IMG]
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  4. I had this same problem about 7-8 months of use. I thought it was pretty normal since I used almost everyday for school and put a lot of weight in it. So the handles stretch a little thus leading to the glazing on the handles to crack. I still haven't fixed it yet but maybe I should!
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  5. Oh Im not alone with this problem. Better let it fix quickly before it cracks more. This shouldnt happend, even if you put allot of stuff in your bag. It should be more durable.
  6. Actually i just checked my new one, and to my horror... [​IMG] i am sooo annoyed.
  7. #7 Jun 29, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2016
  8. oh no...seems like Celine had some problems with their quality if that happend again and again, I would never buy another Celine Bag. Realy dissapointing. Wish you luck for your repair, this was your second Bag with the same problem, wasnt it?
  9. I purchased my phantom and used it for only few times, within less than 2 months, the problem shown in your pic happened on mine's handles and the wings ..
    I took it back to the boutique and asked for a repair. they offered me a new one, however I only love mine and I thought fix it by painting another glazing layer will be better(who knows if that happen again on the new one)..
    they fixed it within a week, I am very satisfied with their service, however, after 3 times of use, this problem happens again, i just don't care it anymore now...
    there must be something wrong with the pigment/ edge paint they are using. I know it will eventually happen on most of the bags, but at least not in 2 months....[​IMG]
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  10. [​IMG]so finished. I just sprayed on my Collonil nanopro to waterproof my new handels, because it rains so much lets take her out
  11. Good luck with the water proofing, let me know how it goes!!
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  12. I looked at my receipt and it has been less than 2 months too. I purchased it 5/21/16!! I'm definitely annoyed.
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  13. Thanks, I used the collonil nanopro before for the complete bag, it works fine in the rain, the water runs away, no marks left
  14. you may take it back to the boutique for repair, but eventually this problem will come again..
  15. I just got back from returning it. Im off the celine luggage for good. After my 2nd one cracking.