Look who went on vacation to the Jersey shore!

  1. And she went bike riding too! It was hard keeping up with Cerises pochette, afterall she is a girl on the go! Oh, and yes, if we must talk age appropriateness :nuts: of the Cerises...hope you don't mind that I am over 40 :graucho: and still hanging out with her!!!
    Cerises-on-Vac1.jpg Cerises-on-Vac2.jpg
  2. Who's that HOT lady with the sunnies? :graucho:

    The Pochette looks so cute!!!
  3. u look very pretty! Love the pouchette. Wow 40? You look really young, I didn't think you were 40 yrs.
  4. LMAO..Ummm..I was there LAST week....SIGH(week of cold torrential rainy weather...HEHE!)Glad u got the good weather girl!U LOOK FAB!I hope I look HALF as good as u at 40!

    PS-If it does rain there...make sure u go to Caesars Pier for shopping in AC(I was in heaven there...LV,Gucci.....U name it!)
  6. Cute pochette
  7. Wow looks great.
  8. Anghelq and Jill, you are really too kind! I wish I could say I was just 40...I am OVER 40...yikes! Cerises is keeping me young! Thanks for your nice words! And, John and all the others thanks too!!!
  9. Cute! You look great!
  10. Wow, your over 40?

    I hope and pray I look even HALF AS GOOD as you do when I get over 40 ..... Super Hot! :supacool:

    Love the Cerises Pochette, both of yall are just too cute.
  11. OMG you look amazing!! And so does the bag!
  12. You look fabulous with your cerises pouchette.

    I would have never guessed you were over 40 either!
  13. You look fab!!! Cerises looks so cute in the basket.
  14. That is the cutest pochette. You look great. Congrats!
  15. OMG Shelia you look hott!!!! What beach were you at? Belmar?