Look who I picked up toDAY

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  1. I took a few hours off work this morning to drop off my DH at the airport but little did he know that I was also there to pick up my first out of 3 arrivals! UPS wasn't too far from the YVR airport..


    Had to wait around a little since I was there early..think the UPS staff were just having breakfast :biggrin: but as soon as I got the box I could not wait to tear it open

  2. Woohoo, a live one

  3. TGIF!!! no torturing reveal here...

    You'll know who she is :cloud9:
  4. You're quick to Livia!! :biggrin:
  5. I love reveals :smile: And look what you have. It's gorgeous. The SGH makes it look really light grey.
  6. fantabulous!
  7. I know what you mean. I have the GGH PT and i think the galet looks a little diff with that combo
  8. #8 Jul 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2009
    I opened the box in the parking lot...people were coming and going - I didn't care, i was busy taking shots


    Sunshiney DAY!

  9. That's right so you now have TWO Galet. That's not fair :P I actually saw Galet irl for the first time yesterday and oh my, it is more beautiful than I had thought it would be.

    Yeah, I noticed you where still in your car :lol: It really is gorgeous and the leather looks great!
  10. Livia, muggles thank you for being here on my short reveal :hugs:
  11. I LOVE IT!!:nuts: I need some Galet in my life!! CONGRATS!

    More pics!!
  12. Gorgeous :heart: :love: :heart: :love:.
  13. Then we drove to work... we were 2 hrs late (my excuse was i dropped my hubby off)


  14. It really is fab! Now I am wondering hmmmm... the raisin city, maybe it should turn to galet?.....
  15. So pretty! All these gorgeous pictures of Galet are making me want one! I love it with gsh it gives it a nice soft look. Great purchase!