Look who I just found! (chocolate face!)

  1. I was checking in on the computer as my little one was watching sesame street (his one treat a day for TV) and I hear, "Mama, clean up please!" and "I need a napkin." and I go downstairs to find palms up in air and the same request for a napkin! LOL I couldn't help but to crack up. Seems my older son left the nutella open and Henry figured out it was chocolate! AMAZINGLY he didn't get it on anything but himself.


  2. LOL!!! That's hilarious!! What a cutie!
  3. i just want to hug that kid...what a face!
  4. I think I'm going to make that bottom photo my screen saver because it just makes me smile. I'm still chuckling over it. If you only KNEW how much he hates "mess" and to find him in this state of mess is so not him. You just KNOW that nutella was so yummy at the time it was WORTH it! LOL
  5. Adorable - I eat Nutella with the big soup spoon :p (can you beleive that they are some people who never tasted Nutella???:confused1:)
  6. :roflmfao: Cutest thing ever!!!
  7. OMG, so adorable!
  8. ROFL! How adorable!! :smile:
  9. Thanks for joining me in the laugh. DH has made one of the pictures his screen saver at work. Henry was standing next to me when I showed my older son the picture and Henry said to the picture, "Henry is a mess." too funny.
  10. That is absolutely hilarious!! what a cutie- he has an ADORABLE face!!
  11. Lmao!
    He is so adorable!

  12. OMG, can I have him???

    And look at that adorable carrot top, god love 'im!!!!!
  13. very cute.....precious moments to drag out on his 21st birthday.
  14. That's just too precious ... I love moments like these, gotta treasure them, it's priceless!
  15. LOL, I'm one of them :shame:. But DH loves that stuff, just never looked appetizing to me I guess.