Look what's under the Christmas tree

  1. hi Guys,

    Look what's under my christmas tree ...

    Got an hint from Santa and i'll have big chance to find a Naviglio damier bag, Jack & Lucie mono color keychain and the Icones book.

    Merry Christmas to everyone !

  2. :nuts: Nice pic! Looking good indeed. Merry Christmas to you too.:drinkup:
  3. Santa has a good taste!!
  4. woo-hoo! :wlae:
  5. Nice! Merry Christmas to you!
  6. beautifal, btw, your ceilings TDF!!!
  7. Merry Christmas Fred! I hope you get all the LV you are dreaming about!
  8. Wow...what a gorgeous tree you have!
  9. I am so envious. Happy Holidays!
  10. Happy holidays!
  11. Lucky U!:p Love the pic of your tree BTW. Merry Christmas!
  12. I LOVE Your apartment!!!! And boxes under tree!!!
  13. Beautiful tree and love your place the molding and the detail on the ceiling are stunning...dh and I are ultra modern but, appreciate period places with crown molding details...lovely!!!!! Cannot wait for you to unwrap all your LV goodies and post pics!!! Happy Holidays!!!!
  14. I really like your place...
  15. Seems like you're going to have a great Christmas.