LOOK what's on Eluxury!

  1. Already shown as out of stock! Wow.
  2. Is Elux doing a tax free sale? I am asking cuz I live in CA and I heard they charge tax for shipping to CA.
  3. If you live in California and Tennessee (i think?) then they charge you tax, since that's where they ship from. However, everywhere else they don't charge tax.
  4. I'm not sure if this is the limited edition, i have the exact bag with colored croc leather which is suppose to be the limited edition one.

    its really disappointing that LV is making a copy of the limited edition croc bags with plain leather.. that doesnt make them so special after all!
  5. If any of their business is located in the ship to state, they can charge tax. Their corporate office, their distribution center, etc. That is how we Californians get screwed on this. Wah!
  6. That totally sucks. Well, my sis lives in Louisiana, so I guess if I want something from elux, i'll have it sent to her and she can send it to me! :amuse:
  7. wow LUCKY! your sn does you well =D
  8. im really liking that bag!!
  9. how much was the one that had the croc leather? i believe that both versions might be limited edition, because this is only apart of the seasonal collection.
  10. Gorgeous bag... too bad, it's all gone
  11. that sucks! I live in california and i don't want to pay $50 more than everyone else... :sad:
  12. All gone, I really like the more subdued version of the bag.
  13. Wow, that didn't last long at all!
  14. The alligator trimmed one was/is $5000 and was on the cover of the last Shop etc. magazine.

    Both are limited, they are from the Velvet Chains line (If you get something from this or the Charms collection, the booklet has the care instructions for both the Monogram Charms/Velvet Chains lines.)