Look what you made me do! First LV purchase w/ PICS

  1. Hi All!

    I'd first like to say how much I love tPF and how wonderful and helpful everyone is! What a great forum!

    I have been contemplating an LV purchase for about a year, but it wasn't until I discovered tPF that I really decided to go for it and decided which bag I wanted. So last Wed I got my Damier Speedy 30 in the mail from elux. It's so exciting-that first LV box to open! I wasn't sure that I loved it at first, but I think that's just because I had a lot of expectations for so much $$. But after I put my things in it and wore it around, I decided that it's the perfect bag for me!! I love it, and thank you to all of you for your pictures and advice that you post!

    I hope these pics work (sorry i'm a newbie :p)
    DSC00751.jpg DSC00758.jpg DSC00759.jpg DSC00761.jpg
  2. congrats on your first lv!!! what a beauty! i have a damier 30 coming my way soon too and i'm so excited!
  3. congrats!!! welcome to the damier club! ;)
  4. Great bag! Welcome! It's beautiful!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  5. Congrats! How long did it take for you to receive your beauty from elux?
  6. thanks, all! I ordered on a fri nite and got it wed evening.
  7. I looooovvvveeee the damier speedy...congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Congrats!
  9. OMG congrats!!!!! Great bag!!!
  10. oooh lookie there! The damier looks GREAT on you! Love the pic of you sporting it. CONGRATS!
  11. The damier speedy is a great bag!!:nuts: Welcome to the addictive world of LV.:graucho:
  12. Looks so great on you..

  13. it looks great on you! congrats!
  14. Did you get a purseket too?
  15. I love it, I want one!