Look what you ladies made me do!!

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  1. Ever since I saw Butterfliie's photos of her red sombrero, I couldn't stop thinking about it.

    Went into Saks Beverly Hills *just to look* and came out with the bag and new sunglasses. (Yay for saving 10% by opening a Saks account but I will pay it off ASAP because the interest is CRAZY on that card!).

    My first Chanel purse!

    The sunglasses are style 4148B. $600. Bag was $2425.




    ccredpurse2.jpg sombrerocc.jpg ccglassesside.jpg
  2. WOW!!! Gorgeous bag and LOVE the hot sunnies too!! Congrats!!
  3. CONGRATULATIONS taygalchi!!! :yahoo:

    This bag is simply TDF...you are going to look SO fabulous with your new sunnies and bag!! :supacool:
  4. Gorgeous color! Loving it! Congrats to you:yahoo:
  5. gorgeous!!!

    ( although, you should have waited until the 26th..and you would have gotten back atleast a $450 GC on EGC day!!!!)
  6. That red bag is gorgeous! I love red.
  7. wow!! both the sunglasses and purse are stunning!!! congrats!!
  8. Wow, I love the color, it's so pretty!! Hot shades too, I have a similar pair in black. :smile: Enjoy!

  9. Darn! Oh well, I'll just have to get another purse! :yes:

    At least I got triple bonus reward point things (just learning about this stuff.)
  10. ^ the EGC is so much better then the triple point hoopla..its almost a 10% return with the EGC, plus if you order from a Saks outside of CA then NO TAX!!! woohoo!

    sorry, just an FYI :smile:
  11. She is gorgeous!!! I love the color and texture....enjoy!
  12. Love Them..
    I Have Them Sunnies In Black On Black
    I Tried The Reddish Color The Other Day And They Are Fabulous..
    Even Though I Think Those Shades In Any Color Is Fabulous..
    I Love The Bag As Well...
    They Are Having Another Egc On The 26th- Thanks For The Info
  13. gorgeous!!!
  14. sooo loving that bag... nice sunnies!
  15. gorgeous red!