Look what we missed!

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  1. i know, i saw that too & have been kicking myself all morning (lol!!!) :noggin:

    CONGRATS m1gr!!! :wlae: :heart: :wlae: :heart:
  2. oh... that's sooo cute
  3. Man, things like this make me want to turn back time so I can move to NY to be close to Barney's and the boutique and catch all these things when they first came out. Instead, I get these occasional blink-and-you-miss-it glimpses... *whimper* Congrats, m1g!!
  4. *Edit
  5. LP, I can't tell you how many times I've wished for the same thing!:girlsigh:
  6. Hrmm... congrats Mig! But... I'm not saying that Bal clutch you won is fake, but the jeans they are selling are fake... so, beware I guess. :hrmm:

    But that clutch probably isn't fake, so doesn't really matter I guess... Nevermind.
  7. Thank you, slinks :heart: , aaa :heart: , sea :heart: , LP:heart: and Pewter :heart: . I was shocked when I saw it and hit the BIN without even reading the entire auction :shame:

    LP, I wish I can also move to NY. I'll surely camp near the consignment shops and regularly check out the the bags I've missed before.

    Pewter, I hope the clutch is a genuine Balenciaga...I don't want this to be another roller coaster ride for me. My angels might get tired of saving me :shame:
  8. GORGEOUS!!! I saw this *right* after you got it!! never saw one of these before! really an interesting bag... kind if seems like its a precursor to the aulmoniere and the flap clutch!

    CONGRATS!!!!!! :yahoo:
  9. Awesome score! This looks real to me and very unique...congrats!
  10. Thank you mocean :heart: and varsha:heart: , thanks for the assurance as well that it's genuine.
  11. Thank you, Rock :heart: ...I went after the FB camel hobo but the seller removed the listing since her "friend" wanted it...I would have been so contented if I got the hobo...one day, when the time is right..I'll get my hands on it.
  12. Ooooooh that hobo looks so yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!