Look what we missed! Lilac '03 city! $950.

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  1. it's a 2003 lilac w/ pewter hware...yummy!!! congrtas JDY!:yahoo:
  2. ^^^changed it!
  3. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy JDY! omigosh omigosh..great deal!!!!:yahoo: :wlae: :wlae:

    zac..love yah girl...we'll get our dream bags too...soon! ;)
  4. I hope so!!! :heart: ya too!
  5. Aww thanks zac! I hit the BIN so fast that I didn't read the description :s I'm still not sure how I feel about the restoration, but I guess I'll find out soon :shrugs: I had the seller send me more pictures of the bag, but its still hard to tell. I hope everything will be okay with it and I'll have tons of pictures to share sometime next week :yes:
  6. can't wait to see photos!
  7. congrats, again, jdy!! another steal of a bag!! the lilac with pewter is sweeeet!! can't wait to see pix!
  8. I feel a little silly for asking, does refurbished mean that it was redyed? it looks lovely to me, congrats!!!!
  9. I believe so, but I am not positive.

    Congrats jdy. I adore my 03 lilac city, it is a bag that I will never part with....I hope you love yours as well! :heart:
  10. jdy...:search:

    Just curious if you got your lilic and what you think.
  11. ^ I did get it, but unfortunately....it's in a box on its way back to the seller. :s The seller had said it was refinished with spray, but I didn't realize spray = paint. I wasn't happy with it and luckily the seller was easy to work with. She says that she won't be charging the 15% restocking fee....we'll see what happens and I'll be sure to update you guys on the situation. :yes:
  12. OH MY......:wtf: SPRAY PAINT?????

    Too bad you don't get your 03 lilac, but glad you were able to resolve it with the seller.
  13. How does the 03 Lilac look compared to the 04 Lilac? Just curious if anyone has some photos of how the 03 Lilac really looks...
  14. ^ '03 lilac is really amazing. It has a bunch of variation....... in both of the '03 lilacs I own/ed the colors were slightly different (as you know, one of the things that I love about the older bags) -- let me see if I can find some small photos to upload! The '03 lilac compared to the '04 (I have never had an '04 to compare in real life though) seems that the '03 is a lot "cooler" of a color, more neutral and even grey or beige toned, like a "second skin" --- the '04 is more mauvey, very warm, and both colors have beautiful variation (from my experience).