Look what we have under the tree...

  1. I spy I spy definitely some Orange boxes YEEEEEEAAAAAH !!! What can it be .:smile:.. TOMORROW!

    Cm1.jpg CM2.jpg

    MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!! Hope you get LOTS of presents

    and also HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! :heart:
  2. wowwwww!! this is going to be goood! can't wait to find out!!:nuts::nuts::nuts:
  3. from some of the boxes the ribbon is missing... how can that be ??? bad girl !!! did I peek in? I better check on Missy (our new cat) she really likes that tree and started to play with some of the presents:smile:
  4. Merry Christmas H&H! Can't wait to see!:yahoo:
  5. :popcorn:
  6. Just saved some other presents... Missie will have to stay in our room tonight:smile: thank you Sakara I hope you will have a wonderful day and be spoiled:smile: haha coldplaylover how fast can this night go?
  7. I just love your X'mas tree (and those Orange boxes). Wonder what they're inside too.

    Have a great holiday, H!!
  8. You too Queenie:smile: and thank you :heart:
  9. NICE haul! What did YOU do for Santa to make him give you such yummy treats?! :graucho:

    Can't wait to see what goodies you got! Have a great night! And very sweet dreams!
  10. Congrats I can't wait to see what's in the box! BTW I love the reindeer on to of the tree! Its so cute!
  11. Ho-ho-ho H&H, Merry Christmas! I just love :heart:the way all the pressies are lined up on the fireplace and your beautiful X-mas tree with those orange boxes :graucho:.
  12. Oh H&H ~ I Can't Wait!!!!!:yahoo:

    What A Magnificent Tree!!!!!!!
  13. I LOVE all these orange box reveals!!! Can't wait to see what is in your orange boxes!!!
  14. H&H, How exciting!! Merry Christmas. :smile:

  15. Wake up, H&H!! Time to tell us what was under the tree!