Look what was just delivered :)

  1. Dylan mini crossbody in Sand, from Zappos! Man, I love Zappos so much, ordered it yesterday, it just arrived. I cannot say enough about their service, they need to teach every other store out there how it's done!! :biggrin:

  2. That's a beautiful bag! Love the color!
  3. More pics, please!!! Modeling shots. I have been thinking about getting this
  4. Congrats! I'd love to see more pics as well. I really like the look of this style ... very nice!
  5. Thank you! I just love LP leather so much...can't stop touching it! :p
    Will try and take better pics.
    I was a little worried buying such a light color, but it's not an every day bag, more for going out, so hopefully I will be okay.
    It's a nice creamy shade of vanilla, similar to the Michael Kors vanilla.
    I will say that the magnet on the front flap isn't as strong as I hoped it would be, but I think it will be okay. And the zip pocket on top is very small, will only hold something the size of a gloss.
    But I still love it!!
  6. I love light colors but I have 3 boys so forget it, lol. It's funny about the magnet. I have a Dylan clutch from a few years ago and waht I liked about it was that it had a zipper under the flap. the newer ones don't and I am afraid that my stuff will fall out.
  7. This is so cute! Love the style/colour, but I'm so afraid of light colours. Do you mind sharing a modelling pix or two??