Look what UPS brought this morning...

  1. This place is RAINING bags!!! :lol:

    I had been telling my Mom about my Edith saga and I mentioned to her about the sale at Kirna Zabete because she was interested in the Chloe bags too... Anyway, the doorbell rang at 7:00 THIS MORNING and the UPS guy was there. I was like, :shocked: , uhhhh, :amazed:

    He handed me this package and inside it was this: (excuse the carpet, it looks cruddy in the pic but really isn't)



    I knew my Mom was behind it. I called her later and she said she had tried to get a black one for me (I mentioned I thought the black was cute) but they were all gone. :sad: I never thought I would like a paddy but this one is pretty cute, and look how smooshy it is!! I believe this color is TAUPE?

    My husband looked at the lock and laughed...:rolleyes: His comment was, "Well it's certainly INTERESTING!" :lol: He's so tolerant.

    I should have known my mom was up to something- I told her I was going to order that Muse from YSL in SF and she told me to wait till I came down there in the coming weeks (she lives there) because she wanted to go with me to look, so I told the SA there I would wait. Sneaky moms :lol:
  2. Wow! Congrats Roo! What a wonderful mom you have!!

    PS. Your doggy is a cutie too!
  3. Thanks, that dog is a total hambone! :heart: My big question is how do I care for this bag? I don't want it getting ruined in the rain up here? Also, how do I condition it?
  4. Beautiful! What a sweet Mom you have, and an adorable doggie!!

    I didn't protect my Paddingtons with anything and they have been fine, very durable. I don't bring them out in bad weather though. If you are afraid of getting caught in the rain, keep a plastic bag inside it just in case.
  5. Girl, that is a 100% possibility ALL THE TIME where I live! :lol: :roflmfao:
  6. Hmm, then maybe you should give it to me, LOL! :biggrin:

    How about investing in Appleguard Rain and Stain Repellent? There is an online source for it if you do a search. Something like www.leatherstuff.com.
  7. Congrats Roo!! I absolutely adore this color. It is so beautiful!
  8. Roo, your pup is so cute and adorable! I love your taupe Paddy too! Your mom is too cool for skool!
  9. Got a black one, toots? :graucho:
  10. :yahoo:Congrats, it's delicious!
    Think I can sweettalk my UPS guy into bringing something like that as well? :kiss::graucho:
  11. Black is the only neutral color I didn't purchase!
  12. :noggin: :lol:
  13. If I win tonight's megabucks I'm buying that bag from you!! I couldn't participate in the Kirna sale because all of a sudden my practical side decided to take the extra paycheck I had this month and pay a charge card. I love three pay period months, but it sure would have been nice to purchase a new bag versus pay a bill.
  14. Who luvs u baby??? :heart: [​IMG]
  15. Your mom is very sweet to surprise you with a bag! Congrats! Btw, your dog is adorable!
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