Look what TPF has done... I love my pearl...

  1. I would never known about this pearl if it was not because of TPF... It's very pretty. I got her yesterday at Chanel SF. Mine is in silver color. Thank you for letting me share.....


    IMG_1934.JPG IMG_1938.JPG IMG_1942.JPG
  2. thats absolutely stunning, so versatile too, i bet you will get so much wear out of it, congrats :smile:
  3. Those look so good on you. I love how they look doubled up. Great purchase!
  4. Nice!!!!!! I love how the graduate in size too, very pretty!!!!!
  5. were you in NM, sf yesterday at the chanel counter asking about perals?!?!?

    I was there, overhead a women asking about pearls, was told none there..then the women went over to chanel boutique!
  6. gorgeous, i love the pearls.
  7. Awesome. I love the pearls.
  8. very nice!
  9. They are stunning, and look great on you.
  10. They're awesome! Love them both ways.
  11. Those are great! Awesome purchase.
  12. i love your chanel pearls! i need to get some one day.
  13. i love them!!! they look great on you, i wish i had a pear of chanel pearls!!
  14. They look so beautiful on you!! :heart:
  15. gorgeous!! congrats!