Look what they did to my bag???

  1. I hate fakes!! This one is pathetic!! Here's the real Gucci that I ordered from Gucci....waiting for it to get here!!

    [​IMG] And here's this awful fake bag some idiot is trying to sell on Ebay. [​IMG]Yuck!:yucky:
  2. Yep, that why I wouldnt buy anything from ebay :sad:
    Some terrible sellers can claim "authentic" on their awful fake stuffs :throwup:
    And, some fake ones are very very hideous :yucky: as you saw

    BTW, I do like your new Pathetic--very gorgeous :tender:
    Make me wanna get one! :yes:
  3. I have been burned on ebay and would never buy off of ebay again. Hangbag dealers on ebay are evil except for the occassional exception. Some of the fakes are really good as well so it hard to tell until you get it home...nasty
  4. the bag is beautiful, the fakes are just horrible! :throwup:
  5. That looks awful. Looks very fake, it's too obvious. You can tell from the picture that it's quality is nowhere near authentic Gucci's.
  6. I agree! I'm glad it's a bad fake....a good fake would even make me more upset!!!!!
  7. OMG, how fugly! How could some poor person fall for that???
  8. ITA, it has FUGLY written right across the bag!:nuts:
  9. I know, it's GROSS- can you believe the seller is asking for $200.00. It looks worth around $5.00 if you ask me. Actually you couldn't pay me enough to wear that!:yucky:
  10. I'm surprised the seller didn't get his/her account suspended for that. You don't have to know GUCCI well enough to tell it's fake. Just look at it, it has "FAKE" written all over it.
  11. Your bag is beautiful! YUCK @ the fake one
  12. OMG!!!! Just received the "real" Gucci bag and all I can say is G O R G E O U S!!!! I LOVE it!! I bought a couple high end bags in the last week or so and this one is by far my favorite! Looks even better in real life and it is not white at all, more of a cream and the bambo handles look so great! I'm out of town now but will post pics once I get back!