Look what the stork brought in! my new baby, Dekker

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  1. i absolutely LOVE this adorable little bomber jacket. it is a fabulous leather investment piece. i just realized i have more HH apparel than i do bags!

    anyway, the leather is ridiculously soft and buttery, and heavenly smelling. the texture is varied but that adds to the uniqueness and the fact that it is real leather. color wise, it is comparable to the brandy boots by hh. of course, the color varies under diff light so i tried to capture some of that, but it's really hard. if i have time ill try to catch it in sunlight! only then can you appreciate the true color.

    and the real surprise...i didn't know it has the new gingko lining!! cute :heart:

    if you are hesitant, well i'll tell you this is so worth the 50% off i got it for. a keeper!!

    here is a modeling pic, it makes me look bigger than i really am :Push: but it's so freaking cute i dont care. i think it looks better unzipped though. maybe i took it from a bad angle, anyway :P

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  2. That is such a HOT JACKET! AND omg, that lining is fab! I'm pissed I missed out on this lovely piece during the sale! You look stunning!
  3. wow. i LOVE that lining!
  4. very rich looking jacket aznajl!!! :woohoo:& it is very cute on you,, it has a vintage-y look,,, kinda like jackie-o or hepburn i think. i am sure it smells heavenly and feels divine!!! great score babe!!!:woohoo:
  5. Wow, that is yummy! I love it!
  6. Wow, it's gorgeous! You were lucky to snag it at 50% off! :yes:
  7. It looks like it smells soooo good! The first pic makes it look very dark brown and the others have a lot of red. Which is most accurate?
  8. whoops, forgot to specify, the first is w/o flash, the others are with. i would say the color is between those. closer to the brown, but more red/mahogany tinted. its pretty brown indoors, but you can still tell its not a true brown. its hard to capture the true color with my camera :/
  9. Oh, that is lovely! What a nice piece. How do you think the sizing runs?
  10. Gorgeous color and style! And so much fun to wear, I would imagine, with that lovely smell!
  11. WOW, I love everything about it! Looks great on you.
  12. ooo the dekker look wonderful on you! hmmmm maybe they'll let me trade my 50% off sonia for it? :angel:
  13. aww, you dont like your sonia? i want to see pics!! its adorable too but i felt the dekker would be more useful in terms of sleeves and longevity (more classic style).

    btw for the OP, the jacket fits TTS to slightly loose, but i think that is just the style. i would not size down though since leather is not very forgiving fabric :P

    i am a small in HH dresses/coats and i got a small for this.
  14. Gorgeous! LOVE the lining! what a fab coat... my itchy HH-coat loving fingers are scurrying off to give it another look online. I am going to pray it arrives in the April sale!
  15. Sigh...I really do love this coat. I know I should have ordered it, but the HH girl on the phone was totally scaring me away when I asked her questions, saying it was extremely short etc...argh!!! Praying it goes on sale in the future as well. Race you to it jan. ;)