Look what the FedEx man brought!!!

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  1. Oh wow they came a day early.. yipppeee!!!! :nuts: The only problem is, I can't justify keeping all 3, and can't afford both ali's, but I had to have them and check them out since I have no store near me at all.. what do you guys think?? I am definately leaning towards the ali's since I :heart: the look and the size, I also love the carly, but the large is way too big and the medium doesn't seem quite big enough.. I wish it would atleast slouch!! :crybaby: Love the hardware though!! Anyway, if you were to keep one of these as your main everyday bag, which would you choose? I am normally a huge sig fan and love the khaki/black combo because you get both and the colors go with everything... but this neatural leather is TDF!!! BTW the choices are the

    ali in signature khaki/black leather trim
    ali in natural leather
    medium carly in signature khaki/saddle trim



  2. Great choices! I like the Khaki/Black signature Ali the best! It's classic and functional! :tup:
  3. LOVE the sig Ali! Those seem to be more rare than the leather ones!

    Great stuff!!!
  4. thanks! :tup: that is the one i fell in love with, but now i am dying for the leather.... soo soft and smells oh so good.... :graucho: lol
  5. You HAVE to keep the natural!!!!!!!! It's stunning!!!!!!
  6. I LOVE the khaki/ebony Ali....That is on my list!!!!! Keep HER!!!!!
  7. WOW...gorgeous bags!
    If you can keep two, keep BOTH ALI bags!!!!! The style and size are PERFECT. You can't go wrong with the khaki/black sig and the leather is YUMMY! The stripe lining inside is TDF!!! If you have to pick ONE to keep....yikes! I would say black/khaki sig Ali cuz it'll go with everything. Although, the natural is extremely neutral, too. Depends on what you like most! CONGRATS!!
  8. I :heart: everything...

    If you keep ONE--- keep the Ali.

    So beautiful. :drool:

    I would have to keep them all though! :graucho:
  9. Oh my gosh you guys are not helping.. AT ALL!!! :p I have come to the conclusion that altough I LOVE the big signature, the carly is probably not for me.. because I want an inbetween size and they don't make it!! I love the ali.. but I can't afford to keep both... I first bought the khaki/black and I DO love it because, honestly what doesn't go with brown or black? Plus, you get the best with the sig AND the leather.. but I have to tell you seeing this natural and SMELLING it..ohhh I am being pulled over to the other side!!! lol Helppp!!!! :hysteric:
  10. Don't I wish!!! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  11. keep the leather ali.
    the carly will be around for a while ...
  12. I vote for the natural Ali!! Gorgeous!!!:tup:
  13. Keep the khaki/ebony Ali! I have that same exact bag and love it!
  14. lol.. oh I am dying.. it is funny how everyone has their own opinion... and yet I dont' know what mine is!!! :nuts: The carly is going back.. I do like it a lot, but think the ali just looks nicer for not that much more money. But I can't buy both ali's and I would never switch out anyway, so the mind games begin. If I keep the natural ali though, then I feel like I kind of have to have the natural wallet, because my current brown wallet won't match... arrghhh :sad:
  15. I vote for the natural ali! It looks stunning! And will go with so much!! And you can wait on a wallet to match for now unless you are able to use the extended PCE. Then I'd say get a natural french purse now. They are gorgeous and I love my legacy stripe french purse. But again, your accessories don't have to match your bag! Good luck figuring it out!