Look what the easter bunny brought me!

  1. Well, it's been a tough couple of weeks for me so we spent 5 hours at the mall today. Hubby couldn't believe the change in my disposition.
    easter 1.jpg
  2. Hello? I've been waiting for you before you even got here lol. I wanna see!
  3. What is it? What is it? :nuts:
  4. ahhhhh.... come on Riley!!!
  5. Okay, first here's the Juicy Charm hubby got me. So cute, he got put on the wait list because it was never in the store when I'd go to look for it.
    easter 6.jpg
  6. I've been jumping back and forth looking for your post.
  7. Sorry, taking soooo long to load pix!

    Okay, when we went in this is what I saw first. It was the last one and I've been wanting it ever since I saw it on Mick's Noe...all I need now is a Noe....but here's how it looks on my Damier Speedy.
    easter 2.jpg easter 4.jpg
  8. ahhhh riley, can't you see my lil name listed below waiting all patiently with everyone!! lalala, lalalala....*waits* omg, you teaser you!!! :nuts:

    *continues to sit here* :p
  9. so glad you had a great time at the mall!! yay for your new goodies! :smile:
  10. Okay, and here's what I bought for my new Honda Oddyssey van which is now 3 weeks old and I haven't driven it yet...maybe I'll be motivated now!

    Also adding a pic to compare with the pomme!
    easter 3.jpg easter 5.jpg
  11. ^ super cute! i love it!!
  12. Congrats...very nice LV ya got!
  13. Ooo gorgeous bandeau, looks amazing in that yummy bow on that chocolaty goodness of your damier! mm, i'm hungry now! *continues to wait for more* lalala......:graucho:
  14. I love the bandeau. It's so pretty. And the Juicy charm is so cute.
  15. OOOO zroom zroom MC! that's adorable, I love it!