Look What The Cat Drug In !

  1. The SA had to put them in gift bags instead of boxes because they were out of the larger boxes.She has some large ones coming in Monday so I can run by and pick them up .
    I'm looking forward to using both the Noe & Tulum GM in the near future :biggrin: .
    It's raining here today and looks like we may see a bit of rain for the next couple of days so all I can do is look at them & smile for now.
  2. Wow! Congrats to you!
  3. Congrats! Beautiful bags! Here in Canada, they don't give us boxes at all, just regular shopping bags.:sad2:
  4. congrats. im not a fan of either bags, but those looks precious!! lol ar first i actually thought your cat dragged those in. silly me...!
  5. They're gorgeous, Cat! Congratulations!
  6. YAY!!! THOSE ARE STUNNING!!!:love:
  7. Wow, congratulations!!! :biggrin:
  8. arghh.still havent gotten my Tulum Gm..you are killing me! LOL!...that bag is soooo me!
  9. They give boxes, you just have to ask for them! :biggrin:
  10. Cat: Wow! Nice, especially the Tulum!
  11. yaaay! they are beautiful, congrats!!
  12. Beautiful! I'm sure you'll enjoy them!
  13. I never ever asked for boxes, now I have a very solid reason to buy something.
  14. Oooh, the Tulum is so pretty, Cat! And you got the orange perforated bandeau, great choice :amuse:

    Congrats, all great purchases! :nuts:
  15. So cute good job cat!!!