Look what the cat dragged in!

  1. And she has GREAT taste! LOL! Meet the newest member of my growing family, the green Perfo Cles! Hooray!!

    Seriously, I was going to get the regular mono Cles, and I looked up and saw a Perfo Speedy, so I inquired of the SA if she had any left of the green Perfo Cles, and they did!
    perfo01.jpg perfo02.jpg perfo03.jpg
  2. she is soooo cute!! and she looks great with the speedy!!! congrats!
  3. I love the perfo cles!! Congrats!
  4. Awww... congrats! ;)
  5. prettttttty. love it!
  6. Very cute!
  7. So cute...I do that with my keepall!!:nuts:
  8. So cute, so pretty!! :love:
  9. Love the green
  10. totally cute!!!
  11. i want the perfor too! in Pink! sooo cute
  12. It's so cute, "K"! I love the Green Perfo cles!!! Congrats!:heart:
  13. Congrats!!!:yahoo: Love it!!!:love:
  14. sooo cute :P
  15. Congrats, it's so cute!