Look what shoes Michelle got!!

  1. Okay so this is my first pair of Gucci Shoes. I am soo excited! I got them shipped from the Saks in Vegas

    i got the portofino Sandals in Cocoa!!!



    They were a great deal... I got them at 2nd price cut!
  2. How much did you pay for them?

    Lovely sandals. Don't go partying too much in that, careful with the delicate heel!:nuts:
  3. Thanks... paid $238 for them
  4. Oh those are HOT!!! I was debating that pair and a couple others, yet somehow I ended up with 0. (parentals got a bit upset with my spending and pretty much confiscated the CC. lol)
  5. I almost got the same pair but at the counter as I was about to pay I told the SA that I would leave them as I was spending heaps already! They are very comfy. Very soft leather. I absolutely love the heel.
  6. I haven't ever tried them... I hope they are fine for me... I have a regular width foot but someone told me they are cut a little narrow so I ordered a half size bigger.
  7. Lovely shoes! I was going to get them at the sale in a lower heel and metallic leather, but unfortunately my feet were too wide for them, I couldn't even put them on, and they were the last pair remaining. They are a work of art!
  8. So sexy! I have to see modeling pics of those!
  9. Ooo la la, those sandals are hot! Congrats!
  10. I think the gucci.com price is alil bit cheaper than what you paid Neogirl. It was like $199 if am not wrong. By the way, was that the price included tax and shipping?? If so, then never mind :smile: Very nice shoes thou!
  11. they are soooo sexy!!!!
  12. Thanks ladies I can't wait to get them!

    Yes $238 was the final price. I almost ordered them from gucci.com but I wanted the Cocoa color and that isn't available on there.
  13. Those shoes are hot!
  14. Very nice looking-Congrats
  15. love them, congrats!!