Look What Shiloh Got...

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  1. [​IMG]

    A website called Itsmybinky.com has sent a one-of-a-kind 14K gold and diamond studded pacifier worth $17,000 to Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. The binky is made of European white gold and 3 carats of white diamonds.

    Interestingly, the design was inspired by the birth of Donald and Melania Trump's son Barron William.
  2. holy hell
  3. good lord.
  4. Did they send one to Barron Trump I wonder? His parents seem to be the type to use something like that.

    Angelina probably started cracking up when she received it.
  5. I can picture that!!!:lol:
  6. I wouldnt be surprised if she auctioned it off and gave the proceeds to charity
  7. ^
    Now that would be hot. Angelina is too real for the all hype.
  8. As many peffier's (what my son calls them) we have lost, that thing would never enter his mouth.
  9. I hope she sells this sucker and put the money to good use. :yes:
  10. Amen.:smile:
  11. Love it, but come one....(it's all about press)
  12. That is just too cute! I'm sure she will auction it off and put the $$ to good use. She's one of the least flashy celebs out there.
  13. that's the prettiest paci I've ever seen! LMAO!

    It'll fall right out of Shiloh's mouth into the sand of whichever desert they're crossing though. . . bad idea!
  14. Why. That $ could feed people in Africa for a while.
  15. I was just thinking the same thing.