Look what PHH surprised me with

  1. So I come home from call yesterday in a grumpy mood as usual and found a new MJ small multipocket waiting for me. PHH knew that I had been looking for one and got me one as a surprise. I'm so excited and touched!
    MJ small multipocket001.JPG MJ small multipocket002.JPG MJ small multipocket003.JPG
  2. WOW!!! What a great surprise to come home to!! :nuts: You have the sweetest hubby Clu! Gorgeous bag...congrats!!!:yes:
  3. :girlsigh: That is so sweet!! Congratulations! What color is that?
  4. Not sure. Berry? Bag.lover can you help me out???
  5. I think that upgrades him to PLH. ;) Great bag btw!
  6. very nice! congrats!
  7. How thoughtful of him! What a nice surpise and such a great color too.

    I hate to ask but what does PHH stand for? I'm raking my brain and cant figure it out. I'm afraid I'm still a little of a novice on chatboard abbreviations.
  8. ^^I believe it stands for Purse-hating Husband. :p
  9. WOW!
    He did WHAT????????????????????

    ROFL..He may be a PLH yet...CONGRATS GIRL!!!!
  10. Rock on...
  11. Need to forward this thread to my boyfrend, haha~~~
  12. Your so lucky to have a DH like that! Congrats on the bag...I have a similar color in the large MP. Enjoy!
  13. Thanks everyone. Trust me, this is VERY uncharacteristic of him... but I'm not questioning his judgment! LOL!
  14. I think the color is fuschia... beautiful MP! You're PHH may hate bags but he definitely loves you!
  15. AWww that's so sweet of him!! What a great guy you have =)

    It's a gorgeous color too!

    Congrats on the great bag and great guy =)