Look What Phh Brought Home!!!!!

  1. :amazed: OK- We have been talking about getting a second dog for a WHILE! Our current dog...a Shiba INU, is 10 years old and very spoiled...guess who has a new brother and ISNT too happy about it!! LOL!
    Anyone know how to introduce a new puppy successfully to their home and older dog!!?? Need suggestions...My 10 year old dog is scared of the puppy and the puppy is now chasing him everywhere!!(TOO CUTE!!)
    [​IMG]IS HE CUTE...OR WHAT???!!!!!!!!!I just took this pic outside a minute ago!!:amazed:
  2. awwww what a pretty baby he's adorable.......i woudln't dare bring him a new baby my chloe would tear it apart but i hope you're successful in integrating ripley into your family, he's sosososossososo cute :heart::love::heart:
  3. oh man he is soooo cute!!! i have two dogs and they have lived together for about 3 years now and sad to say they still don't really like each other. they've gotten into 3 fights where blood was drawn. but now they kind of just ignore each other like most married couples. hahaha.
  4. How adorable. Shiba I'm sure is not going to want to share his toy's I think that's fine. maybe buy Ripley his own stuff

    Dogs are so territorial. :amuse:
  5. we have always done this and the two manage fine. it just takes awhile for them to establish their place.

    ripley is so cute. i like dog pictures even more than handbag pictures.
  6. Off topic sorry, but what does PHH mean? I've been trying to work it out but really have no idea!
  7. oh, Ripley is adorable, you are so lucky :smile:
    I have introduced 3 other dogs at home to our original, and the trick that always works with me is to pour praise on the first dog and try (however difficult) to ignore the pup and not pay it too much attention in the first few days (the temptation is too coo over them all day long). It really works, dogs need to work through their pack order, and as long as your first dog knows and assumes that he or she is top dog, it will work out just fine.
    Best of luck with it :smile:
    This is mine all together ;
    they get on quite well ;)
  8. awww now i want a puppy

    hubby has been asking for a few months and i keep pushing it off
    mainly for the reason that our schedules are so crazy and we're never home
  9. purse hating husband, i think
  10. OMG he's too cute! What a cute little face!

    This is the advice the Humane Society gives on introducing new dogs. Because the 10 year old is so much older (and probably short on patience for the new guy) it'll probably take some time for him to come around.

    Introducing Puppies to Adult Dogs Puppies usually pester adult dogs unmercifully. Before the age of four months, puppies may not recognize subtle body postures from adult dogs signaling that they've had enough. Well-socialized adult dogs with good temperaments may set limits with puppies with a warning growl or snarl. These behaviors are normal and should be allowed. Adult dogs who aren't well-socialized, or who have a history of fighting with other dogs, may attempt to set limits with more aggressive behaviors, such as biting, which could harm the puppy. For this reason, a puppy shouldn't be left alone with an adult dog until you're confident the puppy isn't in any danger. Be sure to give the adult dog some quiet time away from the puppy, and some extra individual attention as well.

    When to Get Help
    If the introductions don't go smoothly, contact a professional animal behaviorist immediately. Dogs can be severely injured in fights, and the longer the problem continues, the harder it can be to resolve. Punishment won't work, and could make things worse. Fortunately, most conflicts between dogs in the same family can be resolved with professional guidance.
  11. Cutie!!!
  12. he is adorable!!!!!
  13. have fun with the new pet Jill..he looks innocent....but if he is chasing shiba, that couldn't be good or maybe he was trying to be friendly..
  14. how cute!!!!
  15. how adorable! i've always wanted a puppy.