Look what Nanaz got in the box

  1. I got this gorgeous bag few days ago (thank you :heart:you know who you are).:yahoo::heart: I just got around taking pictures now. Does any one wants to play the guessing game?:p
    IMG_4223 (2).JPG
  2. 07 Le Magenta City or Ivory (yet to be determined?) :nuts:
  3. Are you sure aki?:lol:
  4. Something reddish or pink... :idea:
  5. im guessing jaune?..
  6. :popcorn:

  7. :lol: I was in doubt for a sec Nanaz after reading your reply, so I looked at the pic again, and it looks pinkish/ purplish, so I am gonna say:

    MAGENTA!!!!!! :nuts: (but unsure now which year!) :sweatdrop:
  8. Madge City
  9. Nanaz, stop torturing!!! :police:
  10. More Juane?:nuts: Noooo, i can only have one.:yes:
  11. Out with it girlie!! hehehe
  12. Anymore hint? :thinking:
  13. I guess Magenta - maybe LE????
  14. im excited! it's like opening the box myself!! it does look some sorta of pinkish color!!
  15. Just a little one. ;)Boy i have been around this forum for too long.:p
    IMG_4224 (2).JPG