Look what my sister got me at the outlet!

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  1. [​IMG]




    I went to the outlet looking for a leather Sabrina or Audrey but I just couldn't resist this bag once I found it! I asked the SA if they had any Sabrinas or Audreys and they of course said no (without looking in the back first).

    Then when I was sitting down, waiting for my sis, and debating between a brown op art Claire and a silver op art Hailey, I see a lady walking around with this Sabrina. I think oh well she already got it.... THEN she puts it down RIGHT NEXT TO ME on a shelf of MFF stuff!!

    I guess I was meant to have her! I have no clue how the bag got there coz I had been there since opening practically! It might have been a return? It peeves me how they always hide stuff in the back/intrigues me!

    My sweet sister bought this bag for me!:yahoo: I was totally going for the Claire or Hailey but once I saw this I knew I had to have her even though I already have an op art Sabrina. There is just something so awesome about the shape!!!

    So the hunt continues for my leather Sabrina or Audrey... who knows if I will ever find one!
  2. congrats! that style looks great on you!
  3. nice bag congrats!
  4. omg!!!!! i want this bag bad.
  5. Congrat's and nice bathtub pic...Theres another girl on here that does that...It's nice to see another modeling pic. on the tub,lol..:smile:
  6. Cute!
  7. thanks your so sweet!!!
  8. the light is just way better in there lol!
  9. Congrats! What a sweet sister you have! Is that the large or small size? It looks amazing on you! I usually don't like how the Sabrina looks as a shoulder bag, but you certainly pull it off nicely!
  10. it's beautiful! you have an awesome sister!
  11. Thanks a lot! It is the large size.
  12. it was meant to be!!!!
  13. #13 Feb 21, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2010
    love it! So sweet of your sister to buy it. Now that I have my large cherry sabrina....I want a brown or black one. I had the small, sold it and months later got this large one and LOVE IT.
  14. Congrats!!! The Op Art Sabrina is very pretty!!!
    What a great sister!!!! I wish one of my sisters would buy me a Coach bag!!! LOL

    Lynne :biggrin:
  15. Lucky you on the bag and your sweet sister! Congrats!