Look what my sis got me!

  1. Today I got a wonderful SURPRISE from my sis!!! Look what she gave me:


    oh and Guinness ran in at the last moment...
  2. Congrats! I actually just wrote down the item # for that ponytail scarf to order tonight! What a great sister!! And your dog is so, so cute!
  3. Guinness is too CUTE!!!
  4. Oh what a great surprise! Grayson loves to steal the photo too! Glad to know my furbaby isn't the only one!lol He's a cutie
  5. I love that print, it's just too cute! I want the framed brush case soo bad.
  6. Thanks! I was snaping the picture and she just ran in...she does love the camera!!!
  7. If your sister wants another sister I'll volunteer :graucho: Love the scarf!
  8. Very cute! Love it!
  9. I saw the scarfs the other day at the Millenia Mall in Orlando. Not a big fan of the fragrance but everything was just gorgeous. I got an older model of a hobo, that day. Love it!!!!!
  10. Adorable! What a nice sis you have!
  11. :yes: yes she is!
  12. That's so cute and the dog is so cute ^-^
  13. beautiful scarf and what a great sister! does your doggie have a Coach collar, too? I was thinking about buying a manly one for our giant lab and a pretty girly one for our puppy lab but I thought I'd push my husband over the edge for SURE!!!

  14. what a great sister! now all you need is the wristlet or top handle pouch to match!
  15. Congrats, that's so sweet of her.