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    LOL!Look what arrived from my CHANEL SA!!!
    remember the leather coat fiasco??????????????..well..she just got back to work and found out what happened...so she sent me flowers today!(Im about to get on a plane to Florida for the weekend..so I was super surprised!LMAO!)
    very sweet!
  2. Awwwwww!!! Well..that makes it a little better, huh?!?!? Whatever happened w/ that...did you drive into NY & get another one?
  3. ^wow! gorgeous flowers! That was very thoughtful of your SA! Enjoy them for the short while before u leave for Florida! Have a nice weekend!~!
  4. awww so sweet! will you be using her after that happened? hehe since she made up for it! lesson learnt is that we should never buy very expensive leather jackets off the phone/site esp when we cannot check them!!

    anymore new goodies, Jill? :graucho: you have the most awesome stuff ;)
  5. Beautiful flowers, that's so sweet of her!
  6. What a sweet SA
  7. Beautiful flowers! I don't think she should be blamed since she was on vacay and had nothing to do with their horrific customer "service". That was very sweet of her to do that, never heard of SA's doing that before.

    Hope the whole coat issue worked out Jill!
  8. That's so sweet!!! Certainly helps with the disappointment you went through with that coat.
  9. Very sweet of your SA to send the flowers!
  10. Sweeeet!!!
  11. wow...that is so nice!!!
  12. I will use her again....she was away when it all went down...so technically it wasnt her fault!
    She is at a new FLA store too so at least I wont have to deal with the other store that was unhelpful thru it all!
  13. that's what a great SA would do. you're very lucky to have found each other! ;)
  14. nice!
  15. That is amazing! I have dealt with Jillian in the past, and that seems like something she would do. Hope you have an amazing time in Florida!!!