Look what my parents got me!

little p

May 18, 2008
A little reveal of this gorgeous louis vuitton item which my parents got me!

Since my parents haven't got me something that I really like for the past year which includes my birthday (which happens to be on the Valentine's Day) and Christmas, and I was always whining to my dad how he spoiled my little brother (who is 11) for getting him PSP, PS3 and other stuff that he wanted. My dad eventually bought me this pretty french purse in violette!! I am so happy!!!
(he actually reassured me and asked if I really love this french purse since he said the billfold in the monogram line is much cheaper, but nothing beats the vernis line which I love the most!!!)

Note: the card that my dad wrote was a bit of a teaser but i think he is really sweet and cute :P