Look what my mail lady brought this morning! (pics!)

  1. My dream bag the Black Multicolore Speedy :yahoo:and Yellow Epi Agenda:love:! The seller of the agenda was so awesome, she included a thank you note and the little LV ruler and stickers for free.
    speedyagenda.JPG speedy.JPG speedyback.JPG agenda.JPG insideagenda.JPG
  2. Oh congrats! The patina on the speedy is gorgeous! And that seller sounds so sweet! :upsidedown:
  3. I love the COLOR of the Epi Agenda! And the Speedy is fabulous! Congrats! : )
  4. Nice seller! Congrats, they're beautiful!
  5. congrats! yeah for you!
  6. Both are gorgeous!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!
  7. Ooo very nice combo :smile: congrat's
  8. Congrats! Love yellow epi.
  9. So pretty..it has gorgeous patina..congrats!!!
  10. Yay!! Congrats Jen.. both peices are great. :biggrin:
  11. that is one gorgeous patina on your speedy! she is a beaut!
  12. they look gorgeous together!! congrats! :biggrin:
  13. How beautiful! Congrats!!
  14. very pretty!congrats!
  15. congrats! speedy is awesome!