Look What My Hubby Got Me!

  1. OK, now that I broke the news to my RAOK buddy and have made her life more difficult, I will share what my dh tracked down for me! I was worrying about getting the punch striped wristlet to match my beauty case and mini skinny especially after reading on here that they were sold out. But I was told by my RAOK buddy not to buy anything in my signature so I was being good and not buying ANYTHING in my signature no matter how nervous I got! So, he didn't know that I was holding out because of RAOK and feeling guilty because he didn't really get me anything for our anniversary, he managed to track down a wristlet from Illinois for me! I was so surprised when it arrived and dumbfounded that he would actually do such a thing! Of course, I had to confess to my buddy right away! But she's an understanding buddy and doesn't seem to mind having an excuse to go back to the Coach store! LOL! I got a great hubby and a sweet buddy!! So, here is my entire set of punch accessories! :heart: :heart: :heart:

  2. congrats and i think that your buddy would understand!!!
    and what a sweet DH..i seriously dont think that my bf would do that!!
  3. Woo-hoo! Yay for you! Yay for your hubby! I think it's time for a See's Celebration! :graucho:
  4. That is just too sweet! You are one lucky lady!:yes:
  5. What a great set!
  6. why is my hubby such a scrooge!! you're lucky!! congrats!
  7. somebody has a one track mind, lol.

    LOVE all the punch! it's so gorgeous!
  8. Kallison do I need to send you some See's? :graucho:
  9. I love that mini skinny, Congrats
  10. Wow congratulations.
  11. awww how sweet!! congrats!
  12. how sweet!!!
  13. The poor girl, she's never had peanut brittle! Then she would understand our appreciation of See's!! Yep, See's is a great way to celebrate!!
  14. so pretty.congrats
    i also was able to track down a last punch wristlet at my local macy's.....:yes:.as coach has been sold out with no plans to make more........so i feel your excitement!!!!!
  15. Nice picture!