Look what my DH suprised me with tonight!

  1. Well, the DH suprised me with a new piece of jewelery tonight. A little background might be important first. My husband's mother passed away very suddenly about a month and a half ago. My MIL and I were very close, and it really devestated both of us (sometimes I think I took it worse). Anyways, his mother was big into family, and there were no family heirlooms. My DH felt that we should create one, so he purchased me a new engagement and wedding ring.

    First the original rings (which he is going to have made into a new ring by a jeweler). This has a .5ct Marquis center stone. Fit our budget at the time, but my DH always felt bad about it.


    Well here is what he suprised me with :yahoo:


    This has a 2.58ct Princess cut center stone, and the rest of the ring has 7/8 cts. of round diamonds in it.

    More importantly, on the inside of the ring he had the following inscribed on the engagement ring: In Memory/Sue Koenig

    He then had "1960-2007" inscribed on the wedding band. This means alot to both of us, as it will remind me of his mother everytime I look at my ring. It is also our hopes that this ring can be passed to future generations.

    Here is a pick of the two rings on my finger:


    Just the new ring:


    Then, as if that was not enough, he suprised me with another gift. A 1 ct total weight Journey necklace. This he told me was his way of saying thank you for all the support I gave him during the last month and one half.


    Just thought I would share with you all.
  2. WOW!! what a GORGEOUS RING!! So STUNNING!! Love the necklace too! What a sweet surprise!! Enjoy your new jewels!!
  3. WOWOWOW!! What a beautiful ring!! I love the cut and the setting. Your husband is very sweet... sorry for your loss.
  4. How sweet of him! It's a gorgeous ring, congrats :smile:
  5. Wow...what beautiful pieces...especially warming with such sweet intentions by your DH...he is a sweety!!!!

    Congrats and enjoy!!!!
  6. No clouds in my stone!!! Yay, sorry this the first thing I think of every time I see diamonds. Congragulations, beautiful pieces!
  7. Thats a lovely gesture and some beautiful jewellery to have in the family to carry on your MIL`s memory.
  8. What beautiful and deeply meaningful ring and necklace! Your DH is a sweetheart. I am deeply touched by your story. Thank you for sharing. :girlsigh:
  9. Gorgeous ring & necklace...enjoy them! Your DH is very sweet!
  10. very touching story...wear those beauties in good health
  11. what a beautiful story! brought tears to my eyes........seriously.

    and what a sweet DH!
  12. Lovely ring and necklace..what a great hubby you have! Congrats.
  13. OMG your DH is the best I love the Journey Necklace and the Princess Engagement Ring.
  14. everything is beautiful!
  15. Your ring is beautiful. Mostly I think your story is beautiful. Your MIL must have been an amazing woman to have raised such a special son. He obviously loves you both very much. What a lovely ring to pass down to your children. What a special story you will have to tell your children about how this stunning ring came into your lives.