Look what my cat did!

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  1. It's been about a month since I've been able to look and I can't share this with any of my friends (besides my hair stylist and he's heard it all), so I'm coming to all of you. I was getting ready for work and I walked by a huge pile of clothes with my LV right on top. That's when I saw this:

    [​IMG]He chewed the middle, and both ends of the strap.
    [​IMG]I took it into the Portland, OR LV store to see about having the strap replaced. The SA didn't think it was that noticeable and said I should put the money towards something new. She said it will be less noticeable as it darkens up. I was going to buy my Speedy B 35 DE anyway. I'm still on the fence about having it repaired. The strap is like the center piece of the bag. I guess since the weather is finally nice here and not raining, I will start carrying it and see if it bugs me. I'm sure I'm the only one who will even notice.
    When I asked Wesley (my cat) why he did this he said "It was Delightful"[​IMG]
    I finally got over my guilt of spending money on bags when there are so many homeless people (another thread) and here's my little family...[​IMG]
  2. I agree with the SA, the damage is not really noticeable and you can always replace the strap down the road if you decide. Lovely cat by the way :smile:
  3. That sux! I am such a perfectionist and wouldn't be able to carry it like that.
    Good luck!
  4. I agree, it's not too bad. Good thing you caught it when you did. I'd wait to replace it down the road. Your cat is beautiful. Looks like the caption for pic #4 should read "Guilty as charged..."
  5. I think it's not so noticeable and once it patina it's even less noticeable, also I think it adds character :smile: I would keep it as it is, cute cat!
  6. Ahhhh so sorry... It just has some extra character! Plus you have a cute story of how that happened. Could have been worse. =/
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  9. Bad Kitty! How much is it to replace the strap?
  10. Now your LV is unique. Specially designed by Wesley… for you :smile: Now you know not to leave your bags lying around :smile: Vachetta is too enticing to little kitties. Mine would try to climb into the shopping bags (which is where I store them in dust covers on the floor) just to be close to my Noe bb. But they weren't interested in my epi bags:lol:
  11. Aaww.. But I have to agree with your SA.. I don't think it's that noticeable.. I'd rather use that repair money for something else..;)
  12. I am a perfectionist and so anal about everything this would drive me nuts! So happy it doesn't bother you!!! ENJOY :smile:
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