Look what my brother got for my 20th birthday!!

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  1. Hey everyone! So my birthday was the 4th and I've been wanting this thing from LV forever, I of course asked my whole family for it. So my brother sent me my present the day before and had to open it ...as soon as I got the fedex box I knew what it was! He tried denying he got it for me days before but sure enough he did! Along with a cupcake necklace from tiffanys! He's such a good brother, he's never done anything like this!! Yay, okay here it is :yahoo:... Know what it is??? :graucho:


  2. A Groom wallet???
  3. speedy?
  4. Ooh don't leave us in suspense! Cupcake necklace? I need to see this!
  5. Happy Birthday... congrats on your present
  6. what a great present :tup:
  7. It's a cles!
  8. Hmm...I'm guessing a wallet of some sort...lol is that too broad? I'm not very good at this

    Happy Birthday! What an awesome brother, I wish my younger sister would be so generous...if she could afford LV that is....
  9. Eva? Pochette?
  10. DSC00071.jpg
  11. no one has guessed it yet!
  12. suspense!

    a pochette? shawl? scarf?
  13. T-shirt? Hmm...your kitty is also interested!
  14. Reveal please! =)
  15. Happy Bday and please share!!!