Look what Mr. Postman brought me today...

  1. My beige caviar classic flap with silver h/w!!!

    i love it, i was initially unsure of the colour but now that i've seen it IRL, it goes with literally almost everything in my wardrobe! i'm sooooo pleased with it :tender::heart:

    just wanted to share my excitement and happiness at getting my new bag with everyone! i'm sure people have seen this bag sooo many times, hope u don't mind just a few more pictures of it :shame:

    (my mirror is so grotty, ugh! don't mind the blurry background, my room is hideously messy and NO ONE needs to see the full extent of that:shame:smile:
  2. It looks great on you! LOVE your outfit, by the way. It goes perfectly!
  3. Congrats! It looks great on you! I love the white top you have. heeehee.. the blurry background makes it look like you have a magazine shot there. :biggrin:
  4. Wow, IT and YOU are so cute!!!! You have to start posting in the "Your Chanel in Action" thread. ;) Congrats! Such a beauty and I love the top you're wearing.
  5. Wowwww, that is stunning and it looks so great on you, congratulations!
  6. Woww! What a bag, it's gorgeous and looks perfect on you!
  7. nightshade - are you sure we haven't seen you in US Weekly?? ;) You look fabulous and that bag is PERFECT on you!!! :girlsigh:

  8. Great bag and you look sooooo cute! Where'd you get that top? I love it!
  9. It looks amazing on you, and I love the outfit too, soo cute!! :smile: I'm sure everyone would agree that you can never see enough Chanel's haha, and I love the classic flaps! :smile:

  10. Nightshade - Love the outfit and the classic flap! I don't see this color being carried around too much ( as compared to others). Not to mention that it looks great on you. Very chic yet classy ... Congrats!
  11. I love the beige caviar. I still don't have one. and admire yours so much!
  12. Love the bag AND the outfit. The top is adorable! I also love the casual effect of the beige/silver, yet it is still classy.
  13. What a lovely outfit and a gorgeous bag!
  14. beautiful, congrats! :yahoo:
  15. love the dress and the bag you look amazing !