Look what Let-Trade is selling!

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  1. Wow, I am not looking for this, but I hope it finds a good home with somebody from tpf!
  2. <droooooool>

    That's a hot bag.
  3. OMG I love this bag.
  4. I check their site and don't see it on there? did it sell already? price?
  5. It sold for $2999 ;)
  6. amazing bag
  7. Wow that was quickly sold, was it to a PF-er? I think this bag is one of the most coveted bag from this line.
  8. That's such an amazing bag. Hopefully, it went to someone on here.
  9. WOW...that went quick!
  10. I was on there a bunch of times today (never even knew about that site until just recently joining here - yay tPF!) and never even saw it! That was lightening quick!
  11. This is like the leopard Stephen mystery! LOL! Okay who is the luck one that got this baby? Come on share the joy with us!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.