Look What Just Got Delivered!!pics!

  1. :amazed: Thanks to TraceyD..I called Intermix and got 40% off this bag!YEAH!
    Its very big....will post more pics wearing it later.....Does anyone use this as a everyday bag..or do you think its too big...it is almost a carryon size.......THANKS!
    PS-LOVE this Taupe color..they have other Chloes 40% off..I have an email with the pics if you want to pm me for them....
  2. Oh that is gorgeous! Congrats!
  3. Congrats, Jill! This is the first time I've seen this style in the taupe (only seen regular Paddys in this colour). Very pretty!
  4. Jill, I :heart: that bag. Congrats & good deal on paddy too. I don't think I can use my paddy for an everyday use. I have the regular one and I think it's heavy. Maybe you can take the lock off if it gets too heavy?
  5. ^ Its not the weight...its just big in size..this is the shopping tote size..anyone have it?
  6. Mammab has it in chocolate as did ETenebris but ET sent hers back coz there were some minor defects with hers. I think Moe has it in Mousse??
  7. That is a beautiful bag. The color is Gorgeous.
  8. Jill I love it! IT is gorgeous!!!! THe color is amazing, and it is so beautiful!!! Wear it in good health!!!
  9. Very pretty color!
  10. I love this bag.. :smile: congrats!!

  11. That looks just like my taupe paddy! Gorgeous texture!!
  12. I love that bag. That size does make it a perfect carry-on.

  13. That tote size looks really pretty in Taupe and I love the texture on yours. I think since it's slouchy, the size should be great as long as it's not too heavy. Enjoy it!
  14. BEAUTIMOUS Jill!!
  15. Wow...this is the first shopper I have seen in taupe! And 40% off is SUCH a deal! Congrats!