Look what I've got today....*^^*

  1. Hi~ Everyone!! I went LV collin's today to get this bag..
    Actually i never had good experience at collins so i was gonna go to Crown one but my bf had to go school so he drop me off at Collins' one! :yes:

    Anyway, when i went in to there, one SA was smiling at me and ask straight away if i need something..But the bag i wanted was there, so i pointed it and she brought me this bag also she brought another bag which was medium Noe.. and she explain to me how popular this bag is now and told me to get this one instead of I wanted..I dun know I felt like she really pushed me to buy Noe:confused1:. But I told her that ill get it next time and I got this with me..

    Also that Batignolles was displayed one and color of handle was nearly changed to light brown and she took that bag to wrap and I was like, "OH! sorry! can i get another one because i dun like color of it..":sweatdrop:
    and she happily changed new one and got from the back! (plastic was still one..:graucho:)
    Aniway, she gave me two category and also box as well..:wlae::wlae:

    I was gonna get Azur cles as well but only displayed one with many scratches were left so ill get next week or something when they bring new stock again...:p

    I had good SA today and here is my new bag:yahoo:!
    lv3.jpg lv4.jpg lv6.jpg lv2.jpg lv7.jpg
  2. That bag looks adorable on you!! Congrats!! :smile:
  3. It's such a CUTE bag. Congrats!
  4. Congrats! What a cute bag! :yahoo:
  5. I LOVE your style! The bag is gorgeous and looks great on you!
  6. Thx!!:shame: I :heart:this bag soo much and just realized, inside is really roomy:smile:
  7. That is sooo cute! Damn I love that bag now sooo much! lol! It looks great on you!
  8. Great pics and great bag!!
  9. That really is a cute bag.
  10. OMG it's adorable! Congrats and nice SA to give you 2 catalogs!
  11. that bag is tiny! so cute!
  12. so nice! congrats!
  13. wow..never liked that style before, but now i do...it's a gorgeous bag and looks amazing on you, congrats! very cute outfit you got on too :yes:
  14. Beautiful!
  15. Ooh, I love the big boxes :love: Looks gorgeous! Congrats!