Look what is in NM new catalog: Blue Glacier Weekender

  1. Ladies, i just got this catalog today and there is a picture of Blue Glacier Weekender w/GH on page 197. :nuts: The color is gorgeous. I took the picture with flash and came out little darker but it is a nice Lavender with more Blue in it. I guess this means NM is getting it soon. :yahoo:
    IMG_2197 (2).JPG IMG_2198 (2).JPG IMG_2199 (2).JPG
  2. WOW!!!

    Oh Goodness!!!:nuts: I just told myself no new bags until I go to New York in May.....

    I may have to have that!!!!! :love:

    Thank you for posting this..........
  3. OMG, I just ran out to check my mail to see if I got it too, and I did! I like your pic better than the actual pic. The color isn't wowing me but boy do I love the GH!

    I actually love the Kooba on p. 194 too!
  4. Wow! Thanks for posting Nanaz!

    With the giant hardware, it doesn't even look like a weekender! Looks really great!! lol.. another bag to add to the thread "if you had to choose a bag and colour in GH which would it be..."
  5. :nuts: :nuts:

    Thanks, Nanaz! Bleu glacier is the color I'm breaking my bbag ban for! [​IMG]
  6. Well, i am not too crazy about the GH in Blue Glacier but i really like the Natural, Cafe, or Blanc with GH. :yes: I think all three colors look great in Work or Day size. Actually, i am thinking of getting the Natural in Work w/GH and i already have the Cafe Day w/GH. I also think Blue Glacier will look awsome in the First size with regular hardware.:love:
  7. is this the same as periwinkle? or is this the aquamarine?
  8. mas, this is the same as periwinkle. Aquamarine is also called cobalt. :smile:
  9. Oh that blue is great...best I've seen...how much is the weekender???
  10. Bleu Glacier would look SO GOOD with SILVER hardware! Dont the Baleciaga people see that?? They really should make it in silver hardware....put some of that matelasse hardware on the regular b-bags!:hysteric:
  11. :nuts: ITA!!
  12. oh my.... nanaz. thanks :love:
    it's gorgeous :yes:

    and because the giant studs is well.... giant, they can't even put 3 studs as the regular hardware.
    i wonder how about the work?


  13. I thought it would be a bit lighter but maybe my monitor is off?!
  14. OMG! This color is stunning! It's becoming one of my favorites.
  15. Wow, it looks more like aquamarine, also new for 07????
    Bal NY said blue glacier would be more periwinkle?? Anyway, it is a beautiful color.