Look What Im Getting!!!!!!!

  1. [​IMG]

    This comes with an AMAZING story. I found them online because i was originally looking for a pair of balenciagas here is a pic of those


    Well anyways needless to say i couldnt find them anywhere and wasnt to sure about spening 2 grand on a pair of boots well anyways i found the ones from the pic above but they were all sold out :cursing:
    However the next day something inside me told me to go back to the website and see if they restocked
    Well something AMAZING happend and they had my size
    Call it fate
    Well anyways i went back 2 minutes later and they were all sold out haha
    I'm so glad i got them before that
    They look just like the shoes i was looking for and the strap is removable yay
    tell me what you think your opinions etc
    Anyone else own the same pair or even the balenciagas ?
  2. I love stories like that! Congratulations. Did you start a thread about these boots a few months ago? I know somebody did because I clearly recall the picture of the boots.
    I think they are bold and very, very cool. I think they need to be worn with extreme confidence to work. If you've got the style and the legs, I know they are going to look hot! Please post a pic in an outfit you would wear them with. I would love to see the style one might rock with those shoes!
  3. Great story, congrats on the new boots!
  4. it probably was me who posted it i was asking about the real thing but i just dont feel right paying almost 2 grand for a pair of boots
    also when you say have the legs what kind of legs do you mean haha
    i am pretty small (5'1) and really dont have a weight problem what do you think
  5. I just meant more of a slender leg. I think the shoes will probably look best with leggings or skinny jeans. That's why I wanted you to post a pic of you wearing an outfit you would wear with the shoes when you get them, because I really can't think of anything else that would go with them. And for the most part I think leggings and skinnies look better on a more slender frame. Although I admit I'm not slender by any stretch of the imagination (not fat either) and I own a pair of skinny jeans that I really like!
    I hope I didn't give the wrong impression. I know they are going to look great on you!!!! ;)
  6. Thank you so much you give good advice haha i will post a pick when they are delivered in the mail i cant wait
  7. [​IMG] These havnt arrived in the mail yet

    They are inspired by the Hepburn cigarette pant i think they will look good with the shoes what do you think
  8. Oh, I like the cropped black pant idea!
  9. Love the shoes! They look just like the ones in the picture! What brand are they, and where did you find them?
  10. thank you so much they are sam edelmans and i got them at victorias secret :cool:
  11. Wow!
  12. I just posted a pic of me wearing these booties in a another thread.
    Here it is
    Photo 7.jpg
  13. daring boots!
  14. I have those Balenciaga ankle boots and love wearing them with long skinny jeans. Unfortunately I don't have MK's stick-thin/killer legs and am too self-conscious to wear them with tights and a skirt on. Balenciaga styles aren't for everyone (you either love it or hate it) but I love how edgy, architectural, and statuesque them are. And surprisingly those Balenciaga ankle boots are pretty comfortable to walk in provided you get the right size (definitely made of very high quality materials).
  15. wow