Look What I'm getting! (huge silly grin)

  1. I just hit "Buy it Now" a little while ago. :yahoo: Isn't she pretty? And coming from a tPF'er (who has to make room on her shelf!) so I know it's 1000% real. Thanks to shopmom for helping me figure out whether this would work before someone else snapped it up! :flowers:

    So tell me, is this slightly woozy, queasy feeling normal?? :shame:

  2. Oh my gosh!! Today is quite an Hermes day around here lol!! She's a beauty -- is it chevre? What size?? Congrats!! Wear her well....isn't shopmom the best??!!! Oh and yes, that feeling is the Hermes buzz......welcome to it!
  3. OMG~~ Beautiful beautiful Kelly~~ CONGRATULATIONS!:yahoo:
  4. wow BEAUITFUL!!
  5. :crybaby: Why doesnt shopmom live on this side of the water .... That is a beautiful bag wot colour is it ?
  6. Gorgeous! Congrats!!!! :yahoo:
  7. heeheehee....good girl, DQ....she's worth every penny IMO. I think you can wear it no problem with just about everything from Jeans to dress pants to a fabby little black dress!

    And that feeling? Been there too!!!!!!!
  8. 1. yes -- 32 chevre bleu roi. (yum)
    2. yes -- she's a star! :heart:

    i really just can't stop grinning . . . . :nuts:
  9. love it!!!! congratulations :smile:
  10. GORGEOUS!!!!

    Way to go DQ. I love it. That baby would make me smile as well.

    Enjoy it.
  11. congrats, it's beautiful!
  12. No kidding!! tPf's ladies seemed to have hit the Hermes jackpots this past weekend!!!:yahoo: :lol: Gorgeous, Kelly!:love:
  13. :smile: Congratulations!! She's beautiful!
  14. Gorgeous!! Congrats!
  15. Wow! Another beauty! THis has been some week! Congrats to you! It really is stunning! Btw, what you're experiencing is an Hermes high. Isn't it fabulous?:tispy: :tispy: :tispy: