Look what I won!

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  1. http://cgi.ebay.com:80/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120218623591&ssPageName=ADME:B:EOIBSA:US:1123

    I have wanted this bag for months!!! :wlae: I know I've posted it here before but it doesn't turn up on eBay that often-though there were actually two auctions for this particular bag this week. Anyway, I won it and for what I think is a bargain price. What do you all think? You can be honest, lol. It appeals to the hippie side of me :p I can totally see me wearing this bag with jeans on days when I'm just going to class or kicking around. It's so cute, I just love it! Plus, it's different-I won't see every girl I know carrying this one. I'm sooo excited to get it :yahoo:

  2. sweetmelissa:

    I love your bag and I love your taste in bags! This bag
    appeals to me as well. I must say that whenever I see
    a well dressed woman with a bag I drool over it is always
    this type of bag - very boho chic ala Kate Hudson. Beautiful!
    Congrats on your awesome find!

  3. Thank you-you are so sweet :flowers: We definitely have similar taste in bags, I always love yours too!
  4. I likey! Have fun wearing it!!
  5. Oh I LOVE it! :tup::heart::tup: I'm kind of a hippie chick anyway, but I love this! Hadn't seen this one before! Congrats on the find!
  6. Congrats! :tup: It's not my taste, but it's not bad!!!! :tup:
  7. Thanks girls! I'm so excited to have finally won it after I've been looking for it for so long. I'm hoping it will be a little lighter than the legacy bags (and Abbey of course) which pretty much comprise my current collection. I am tired of lugging them all over campus with me every day.
  8. What a great find!!! Congrats
  9. Congrats on finding the bag!! I think it is cute. I have a little hippie in me too!:p
  10. what a cute bag!! I like it I have never seen it before.. Enjoy!
  11. Pretty... I love the style of it... something different!!
  12. Love your bag. It appeals to my inner hippie/dippie side too!
  13. Congrats, what a fun bag!
  14. OMG that bag is super rare and you won it for 55??????

    *drop dead*

    it is gorgeous!!! watch out for the suede though it is a biotch to clean!! spray it to death with scotchguard!!
  15. Thank you all beautiful girls! I know suede is difficult but I just can't help but love it. I'll just have to be careful with this bag-and I will spray it with my Apple suede stuff as soon as it arrives.